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Our Story

The Grace Boison Bakery story started in the late 1950’s when the founder (Madam Grace Boison) enrolled in an apprenticeship program to learn how to bake bread in Swedru, Ghana. Approximately 4 years after her training she got married and relocated with her husband to Tema, where she continued baking on a very small scale with a small mud oven like most bakers did at that era.

The business started to take shape in early to mid 1960’s so she formally In registered the business as Grace Boison Bakery. She also played a key role in the establishment and running of the Bakers Association in Tema (known as “Cooperative” in 1960’s).

Her passion and dedication to providing high- quality tasty bread resulted in larger orders and the business started booming so quickly that she could barely handle all the daily orders that came in. This situation inspired Madam Grace Boison to find creative ways to accommodate all her daily orders as well as business growth. She made a decision to tear down her single mud oven and built 2 large mud ovens within her limited business space. This decision made her the first baker, among her peers, in Tema, to build 2 mud large mud ovens within a similar business space. Her colleagues were thrilled by her creativity and nick-named her “Fo-noo Ebien”, Meaning 2 mud-ovens in fanté language.

As Grace Boison continued to grow the mud ovens were replaced with “coal pot ovens” and eventually with “gas ovens” (the oven of choice to date).